Hi! I’m Katie.

This is me!

What I’m about

I’m a learning designer who loves learning about learning (surprise!), providing engaging courses for life-long learners (and constantly advocating for those learners), developing relationships that allow the learning design process to come to life, and nerding out over process optimization.

What I’ve done

I’ve been in the field of corporate learning for over 10 years. In that time, I’ve picked up and learned new tools and software quickly. I’ve proven that customers who engaged in any Academy I’ve worked on have been more likely to renew and spend more time in product. I’ve honed my ability to break down complicated workflows and long-winded processes and made them easy to understand, memorable, and engaging. I’ve built teams, created roadmaps, designed certification programs, and had a bias for action to make program improvements. And I’ve had a blast doing it.

Why it matters

While I like to have fun, I’m serious when it comes to developing relevant and contextual learning content that upskills learners and improves their day-to-day. I believe fully in the power of learning by doing, creating safe spaces for people to do their best work, and designing beautiful and engaging learning experiences. Great educational experiences make a difference in people’s lives, and I’m all about making those experiences the best they can be.

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